Acquisition of Hellenic Sign for Products of Dairy Products Tripolis - Papadopoulos SA

Since 1945

From 1945 till today the Galaktokomiki Tripoleos is a family business which is actively involved in the industry of dairy farming since 1945. In the difficult postwar years George Papadopoulos together with his wife –Aggeliki- managed to found a small cheese-dairy in Chotoussa, Arcadia based on the the rich livestock of the region. There were great difficulties , but their determination and their hard work never betrayed them. So the traditional feta cheese Papadopoulos made its first steps in the groceries all over the municipality. With skill, good taste and respect to tradition the farm managed over the years to turn into one of the biggest dairy-farms of Arcadia while maintaining its family character.

Our Facilities

Their son Vasilis having obtained unique experience, creates a bigger place pushing his two sons , George and Giannis, into his own steps . So in 1998 the dairy-farm transferred the facilities to a technologically modern factory in Kapsia, Mantineia. The company features a privately – owned factory processing milk of 2100 sq.m in a plot of 15 acres fully armed with mechanical equipment of high technology for the produce of dairy products of high quality. In our facilities a contemporary fully equipped with a chemical and microbiological laboratory of good control, as well as a fully equipped biological cleaning.

The Distribution Fleet

There is also our center of distribution situated there too where our products are distributed daily to the whole municipality of Arcadia from our privately owned vehicles for the best and quickest service of our customers. We ,also, cooperate with local representatives in Greece ,providing the possibility to our customers who support and choose us all these years to find our products in every corner of Greece. So in the heart of the Mantinian earth with absolute respect to our consumer but to the greek tradition we produce dairy products from genuine sheep-goat milk of incomparable quality and unique food value.

Our Products

The products of our company include : Feta cheese ( protected designation of origin), graviera, myzithra, cream cheese , goat cheese, dairy butter, yoghurt, cheese for saganaki. Our biggest production is Feta cheese which mellows with the old traditional way in wooden drums made of beech wood.