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Tradition and Mythology


   Greece is a country with a long history and traditions that are lost in the depths of the ages. Some of them refer to milk and its products. For example, for ancient Greeks, milk was considered sacred food because Zeus, the father of the gods of Olympus, was raised with the milk of the nymph Amalthia, while according to Greek mythology the art of cheese making was given to the gods of Olympus.

  Σύμφωνα με την ελληνική μυθολογία, ο Αρισταίος, γιος του Απόλλωνα και της Κυρήνης, στάλθηκε από τους θεούς για να δώσει το δώρο τυροκομίας στους Έλληνες. Ονομάστηκε “δώρο αιώνιας αξίας” και αν η φήμη της σημερινής ποικιλίας ελληνικών τυριών είναι κάτι που πρέπει να περάσει, η αξία αυτού του δώρου συνεχώς αυξάνεται με το πέρασμα των αιώνων

  The roots of sheep and goat farming in Arcadia are lost in the myths of antiquity. Since then, livestock farming in Arcadia has not changed its character and Papadopoulos SA believes it is its duty to maintain it and to promote it with top quality traditional products.

   So, we offer you products that continue the rich and long-standing Greek cheese-making history, with a pure and authentic flavor that awakens the memory and honors the tradition.  


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