Acquisition of Hellenic Sign for Products of Dairy Products Tripolis - Papadopoulos SA


On the plateau of Mantineia, just outside the walls of the ancient city of Gortsouli in Mantineia, is our winery, surrounded by 30 acres of privately owned vineyards. The 630 meters altitude and the clayey soils make the place ideal and reveal the rich discreet aroma of the King of Mantine, Moschofilero.




  • The ANTINOI White is a wine that expresses the formality of Moschofilero Mantinia. The aroma of flowers and citrus fruits is strong in the nose and mouth, dominated by rose, jasmine and lemon flowers. Fresh cool wine, with a sharp acidity and vibrant white, full and balanced, with a lasting aftertaste.


  • The ANTINOI Rose is a Moschofilero with intense varieties of rose and citrus fruits, with prominent notes of turquoise. Fresh wine with bright orange and pink highlights, cool acidity, full and balanced mouth, and a long lasting aftertaste.


  • The ANTINOI Red is a fresh Merlot tank with intense aromas of red and black fruits. Vibrant ruby ​​color, light acidity and friendly tannins with lasting aftertaste.