Acquisition of Hellenic Sign for Products of Dairy Products Tripolis - Papadopoulos SA


Fine flavors from the Mantine and the Roman family. Available in packs of 450g and 1 kg.



  • Greek Thyme Honey

Honey from the Peloponnese shrubs. It is delicate, with amber color and intense aroma. It is considered a particularly nutritious honey with tonic properties.


  • Greek Honey Flower and Conifer 

Honey from the spring wild nectar of the Mantine plateau and coniferous trees. It has great nutritional value, delicate aroma and rich taste.


  • Greek Coot and Pine Honey

Honey from the thorn blossom coot. From ancient times it is considered to be particularly beneficial for health. It is rare and difficult to collect in small quantities.


  • Forest honey

An excellent honey collected in late summer from the pine forests of northern Euboea. It has a mild taste and its color is reminiscent of candy.


  • Mainal Fir Vanilla Honey
The rarest category of honey is produced from the resin in the black fir tree on the high peaks of Menalo. A product of great benefit to the body as it has a positive effect on the liver and the digestive system with rich antibacterial activity. It was recognized by the EU as PDO Honey in 1996. It does not crystallize and is rich in trace elements and vitamins. Its color is light with creamy hues inside.



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